VEVOR 3 Inch Engraving Block Block Ball Vise with 30Pcs Attachment Inlaid Diamonds Full Set Ball Vise Engraving Setting Tool for Jewelry Handwork

117.80 including TAX

Elevate Your Craftsmanship with VEVOR Ball Vise
Our ball vise is made from high-quality steel with a hardened chrome plating surface throughout, ensuring resistance to rust and surface scratches. Professional accessories can adapt to various gemstone and ring processing needs. Whether it’s inlay, engraving, DIY, or other precision machining, the universal ball vise is the top choice for achieving perfect craftsmanship.
  • Excellent Quality
  • Perfect for Precision Work
  • Professional Accessories
  • 360° Rotatable


About this item

  • Excellent Quality: Our ball vise is crafted from high-quality steel and features a surface treated with hardened chrome plating. This enhances its visual appeal and provides exceptional rust resistance and durability to the base. Regardless of how demanding the working environment may be, our base can maintain its pristine surface condition.
  • Perfect for Precision Work: We have upgraded the pins and coaxial control jaws to ensure a more stable and less prone to deviation clamping process. Whether it’s gemstone inlay, engraving, or other precision work, you can count on the precision and stability of your tasks with the engraving block ball vise.
  • Professional Accessories: We provide you with a standardized kit that includes ring clamps, plate clamps, accessory pins, and a hex wrench. This engraving ball vise kit allows you to handle workpieces of various sizes and shapes, ensuring flexibility, stability, and convenience.
  • 360° Rotatable: The 360° rotating base allows you to freely adjust the position and angle of your workpiece, making the engravers ball vise suitable for fine and complex machining tasks. It is equipped with a dual-ball bearing system. There’s no internal looseness or wear during the machining process, ensuring a smoother operation.
  • Wide Applications: Our engraving setting tool is perfect for gemstone inlay, small-scale engraving, and other precision work. It is designed for a unique combination of sturdy work support for small and maneuverable sizes. And its flat shape is ideal for microscope work.


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