LONGER Orange 4K

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Orange 4K is built in 4K resolution LCD screen, hit at X 31.5μm Y 10.5μm subpixel! Color & Mono screen are available.

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Longer Orange 4K Mono Resin 3D Printer

Main Features:

  • Ultra High Precision: Orange 4K is a ultra high precision resin 3d printer, built-in 4K Mono LCD screen at 6480 x 3840 resolution of X 31.5µm Y 10.5µm in subpixel. With such high precision printing technology, it will be perform more details and better surface on miniatures.
  • Dual Z Axis Liner Guides: Orange 4K is built with dual liner guides for more steady printing and no wobble issues, it will be providing with better result and smoother surface on models.
  • Uniform Parallel UV Lighting: Orange 4K is built with parallel UV LED lighting sources, and provide better uniformity, higher intensity and shorter time of curing.
  • Easy Operation & Algorithm Embedded: Easy leveling with four screws. With the algorithm embedded in Longerware, the UV exposure through each subpixel will be controlled accurately to deliver final 3D models with ultra-smooth surfaces and ultra-fine details. Orange 4K is compatible with Chitubox as well.
  • Fast Cooling & High Temperature Warning System: Temperature detection system included. The system will stop printing when temperature is too high. Equipped with high efficiency cooling system to improve lifespan of this 3D printer.
  • Warranty and Service: NOTE: The printer comes without resin. 12-Month machine warranty and Lifetime Technical Support. High-efficiency and considerate community support by us.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 60 mm





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